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Welcome to the website of Minorities and Philosophy, or MAP, Tilburg. Great that you’re here!  

MAP Tilburg is part of an international student-led network (of over 160 chapters!) that aims to address structural injustices in (academic) philosophy and to achieve more inclusion within philosophy and beyond. We aim to foster a culture where we can safely and openly discuss issues of diversity, inclusion and structural injustices. As good philosophers, we aim to question the current way we practice philosophy. Why are so many well-known philosophers (dead) white, men? How do we deal with discrimination in oft-read works? Can we include thinkers from outside the canon? If so, how?

Join us in our quest to understand what diversity and inclusion mean for all of us. Follow our social media for updates, reading and movie recommendations as well as upcoming events! We will host bi-weekly reading/watching sessions which you can join by entering our Discord server.

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Meet our current MAP members:

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We look forward meeting you!

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